*Maybe God has been working in Your Heart to Leave a Spiritual Message for your loved ones and for those who will follow you.

Think about it...      

If You Don't Share Your Spiritual Message,       ... Who Will?

You may be thinking "but that's the pastor's job."  Yes, it is his job to teach us Bible truths and applications.  But who will tell your grandchild your family stories-- about the time he was very sick and the family gathered around in a circle, held hands and prayed for God to heal him?

Who will teach them special Bible verses?  Your mind may be surmising:  "Oh that's covered because our grandchild's Sunday School teacher helps him memorize verses every week." 

I thank God for those dedicated teachers/leaders in our churches who help children learn the Bible verses.  

Many of the verses that have meant so much to me during my adult life are those which I learned as a child (from a leader in our church).  But what about that verse that is special to you?  Maybe you prayed it over your grandchild.  Or maybe there was a special verse which has become your "life verse."    If you don't share it, who will?  Who can?  

You are the only one who can share the Spiritual Message that you have lived through and/or God has placed in your heart.  But Will YOU?

Hi Christian Friend,   

My name is Donna Riner Weber. I'm an author, former school teacher, wife, mom, "Nana" and scrapbooker but most importantly,


Donna Riner Weber

I feel that it's no accident that you are here today reading this.  You have been led here for a reason.

*Maybe you're curious about what Faithbooking is about.

*Perhaps you're already a scrapbooker but want to include more of your Faith in your layouts.

Learning How to Faithbook

Yes, I Want to Invest in my Loved Ones by Learning How to Faithbook.

Of course I really can't guarantee what type of reaction your loved ones will have.  In the future, I don't know how my Faithbook will affect my own family and those who will follow me. I can tell you that the first layout I created was very plain with just a few stickers about the birth of my son--our miracle.  Many years later, I showed Samuel my "first masterpiece."  He took the layout into his hands and it seemed as if he stood frozen just staring at it.  Then I saw tears form in the eyes of my adult son. 

Most people like to look at photos of themselves. Don't you think that if you put a picture of your loved one on a page with a scripture beside it--he/she will read it?

The rest is up to your reader and God.

But we know that Isaiah 55:11 says "So will the words that come out of my mouth not come back empty-handed. They'll do the work I sent them to do, they'll complete the assignment I gave them." (The Message)

Scrapbook Your Christian Faith is a vital connecting link between the scrapbook and the Christian who wants to share her Faith.

The Start of  My Faithbook

After I became ill and could no longer work, I felt in my heart God wanted me to start writing stories of how He had been Faithful and Present in our Lives.  Later, I became interested in a new hobby-- Scrapbooking. But soon I knew something was missing on my pages.  I wanted God's fingerprints on my life to be reflected in my scrapbook.  Hence I began making my "Faithbook."

The strange part about me creating a Faithbook--is I am NOT Artistic!  Maybe that's why God led me to do it-- to show that if I (Donna Riner Weber) can do it anyone can do it!

So don't worry, You Do Not Have to Be Artistic to Create a Faithbook!

There are tools, supplies, and techniques that allow us to be creative even if we're not an artist.  It's Fun! Probably more fun for those of us who can't draw or paint --because Scrapbooking gives us a creative outlet.

But Even More Important—

Scrapbooking Your Faith gives you an Awesome way to Share God's Presence in your life with people you love today as well as those who will follow you.

Do you really want to Make a Difference in the Lives of those You Love and maybe those of Future Generations?

Then Get Ready... Here's Your Opportunity

Create Your Spiritual Legacy Through Your FAITHBOOK

Has something in life (birth of a child/grandchild, chronic illness, or the death of a loved one) caused you to reflect on the preciousness of life?

Do you have a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of those you love? What about those who will follow you?

Through Scrapbooking Your Christian Faith you can Discover the Powerful Secrets of How to Leave Your Spiritual Legacy for Your Child/Grandchild.

Starting Today...You can become The Spiritual Messenger who will help Guide your Precious Loved Ones and those of future generations through Your Faithbook.

How to Scrapbook Your Spiritual Legacy

This e-book is approximately 100 pages including the bonus pages.  It is written to help you understand some of the basic scrapbook language, as well as which basic tools and supplies you need to get started.  There are tips along the way to keep you from making costly mistakes as well as how to shop frugally for your tools.

But the Best Part is...

* You Don't have to be Artistic. You don't have to be a painter or a graphic artist.  Even if you're like me and the best thing you can draw is a stick man, you can create amazing Faithbook layouts.  You already have what it takes!

* You Don't have to be a Journalist.  Forget the days of English classes.  In your Faithbook, you are leaving your message to your Family--so write like you talk.

* You Don't Need a Lot of Time to Get Started.  You'll find out you can Faithbook in small steps.  While it's nice if you have some uninterrupted hours, chances are you don't.  You'll be amazed at how much you can do in a few minutes if you know the secrets.

* You Don't Need to Invest a Lot of Money to get Started. You can rush out and become a scrapbook shopaholic.  It's really fun to ramble through the scrapbook aisles. However, in these economic times, isn't it best if you spend your craft money wisely?      

Don't waste your money but--Do INVEST in PEOPLE YOU LOVE by Creating a Faithbook for Them.

* You Don't Need Any Previous Experience.  If you're brand new to scrapbooking your Faith, this book is for YOU! Reading this easy-to-follow book will help you learn the language and ease you through the beginning stages of Faithbooking.  Before long words like: archival safe, embellishments, acid-free, lignin free, and scraplifting, will be rolling right off the tip of your tongue.   

Faithbooking really is simple, once you understand the basics. Read on to find out how you can...

...Take Your 1st Step Toward Becoming the Spiritual Messenger for Your Family and Future Generations.

As a Christian making your Faithbook can be a True Life-Saver.

Imagine the fun your grandchild (and you) will have as you let her/him help you create a layout.

Scrapbook Your Christian Faith the Beginners Guide to Scrapbooking Your Spiritual Legacy will help you:

* Discover the Real Secret to Faithbooking.

* Find out What's really in it for You.

* Understand what's the hardest part for the beginner.

* Learn How to tell if supplies are safe for Faithbooking.

* Equip yourself with the basic supplies and tools.

Can you think of anything else which entertains like Faithbooking--while teaching Your Values to your child/grandchild?

Scrapbook Your Christian Faith can teach you the basics.  Your Faithbook will be an expression of Your Love for God and your Family. 

Here are a Few More Faithbooking Things You will Learn:

* What should one of your very first steps be?

* Which basic scrapbooking supplies and tools do you need to get started?

* What can you do if you don't have enough time?

Only $2.99

This Faithbook Layout shows my son, Samuel, holding his precious new baby girl.

Has God planted a message in your heart about leaving your faith story for your family?  

Don't worry--it doesn't have to read like a novel! In Scrapbook Your Christian Faith you'll find other methods to incorporate your Faith into your layouts.

Fast forward your life into the future.  After you've gone on to Heaven, what information will your family receive?  Shouldn't you leave them your Faithbook?

So now are you...

Ready to take your First Step in Creating a Timeless Keepsake (Your Faithbook) for Your Loved Ones?

If you're new to Faithbooking, don't try to begin your album without guidance. It's so easy to get overwhelmed. Let Scrapbook Your Christian Faith help guide you along this path.

But now, let's see if Faithbooking really is for You!

Answer these questions from your heart. Would You Like To:

* Express Your Love for your family in a priceless keepsake?

* Influence the Spiritual Future of your child/grandchild?

* Have a Unique Way to tell others about Jesus?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book was written for you.  OK, now it's time for you to take action.

But First Let's see if Scrapbooking Your Christian Faith (the e-book) will help you.

* Are you a Beginner to Faithbooking?

* Would you Like to Learn How to Scrapbook Your Faith?

* Do you feel Intimidated because you don't know the Scrapbooking Language?

* Do you Feel you don't have an Artistic Bone in your Body?

* Are you afraid to try--because you Don't know Where to Start?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, This Book was Written for YOU!     

A few years ago, this described me.  I felt so intimidated when I first began that I took three Scrapbooking Classes for beginners.  But I found that even a non-artistic person (like me) can be creative using the wonderful supplies and tools available today.

"Donna really gave me the 'scrapbook fever.' 

As a new bride, I was excited about recording the life of me and my new husband. It is important to me to show the generations to follow how God has truly blessed us. With Donna’s detailed explanations it was easy to complete our very first wedding scrapbook. Faithbooking is a fun and creative way to preserve precious memories and Scrapbook Your Christian Faith will easily guide you in creating a treasured family heirloom.”

Leslie White, Scrapbook Artist and Photographer, Augusta, GA

Just think, for less than the price of a newspaper, you can purchase and download your copy of the e-book, Scrapbook Your Christian Faith the Beginners Guide to Scrapbooking Your Spiritual Legacy.  This guide will show you how to give your family a gift of love--a lasting legacy of your faith!  The newspaper will be old tomorrow but Faith is Eternal! Invest just $2.99.  Do it now for the love of your family and future generations.

Order Now and Receive 4 Bonus Lessons 

In these bonus lessons, you will be guided step by step.  Through explanations and colorful photos, you'll be able to follow the simple instructions and create your own faithbook layouts.

Bonus Lesson #1  How to do Matting--Step-by-Step

Give your layouts a more polished look by matting your photos.

Bonus Lesson #2  How to do Paper Piecing--Step-by-Step

Find out how to give your page a 3-d effect with the fun art of paper piecing.

Bonus Lesson #3  How to do Titles

Learn how to draw your viewer into your faithbook layout immediately with your title. (Check out the excellent resources for finding your perfect title.)

Bonus Lesson #4 How to Add Bling to your Faithbook Page  

Make your layout sparkle, twinkle and shine with different products.

Don't die with Your Spiritual Message inside of you.  Take the step to Influence Your Loved Ones.   Right Now Click on the Button Below to Get Started.

You have nothing to lose with our 60 day guarantee. If for any reason you're not happy with Scrapbook Your Christian Faith the Beginners Guide to Scrapbooking Your Spiritual Legacy, just drop us an email within 60 days of your purchase and all of your purchase price will be refunded. 

Scrapbook Your Christian Faith the e-book has been selling for $14.95.  But now with the Launch of our new Kindle version-- You have the opportunity to Invest in the Spiritual Well-Being of Your Loved Ones by purchasing the Kindle edition of Scrapbook Your Christian Faith the Beginners Guide to Scrapbooking Your Spiritual Legacy for only $2.99!  Yes that's Correct $2.99!

"Anyone can come together to scrapbook...but Faithbooking is a tad bit different, in that God is in the center and we are asking Him what to write, how to reflect words to our pictures as well as Him guiding us to scriptures to include in our faith journaling... I taught my first class this morning and the second class this evening. The ladies at the senior center loved it and I'm returning next week for more. They loved "Faithbooking"...Thank you (Donna) for your inspirational help in getting Faithbooking ignited in my heart."

Chaplain Shirley Compton http://www.myblessingsunlimited.net/chaplainshirleyc

"In Scrapbooking Your Christian Faith, Donna encourages everyone, not just the gifted writers among us, to chronicle our lives and our faith in a way that speaks to generations to come...While I am not a crafty person by nature I was inspired to start a scrapbook for my girls to look back on and share with their families. One of my favorite parts in the entire e-book is found in Chapter 2 when Donna describes a "Faithbook," or faith scrapbook, as an eternal love letter for your family. How beautiful is that? Who wouldn't want to leave behind an eternal love letter?" 

Amanda Henson Founder/Owner of http://www.highimpactmom.com

"Scrapbook Your Christian Faith makes it very easy for beginners to understand scrapbook words and concepts.  It is also good for those who are a little familiar with scrapbooking.  I highly recommend Scrapbook Your Christian Faith for any beginner or anyone interested in learning the "what", "Why" and "How' of Faithbooking. I love the unique way the scriptures are integrated into every chapter and into the scrapbook layouts. This is definitely a book for the Christian scrapbooker."

Connie Williams, Scrapbook Artist and Photographer, Dearing, GA

"Within Scrapbook Your Christian Faith, the layouts are embedded with scriptures, letters, prayers and stories of faith.  Donna is a great writer of stories.  As a matter of fact, I found myself crying all the way through as I read one of the stories. While I am not a scrapbooker, as a writer/evangelist for 50 years, I can see the intrinsic value of this in women's ministries."

Michael Guido, D.D.-Founder, Director and Author of Seeds from the Sower broadcast,

telecast and publications http://www.GuidoGardens.com

A little side note: Dr. Guido went to Heaven to be with Our Lord in 2009.  As a cherished friend, the words he wrote mean even more to me now than they did at the time I received his letter. These words encourage me and are like his "Faithbook" message to me.

Only $2.99

Through Your Faithbook You will have the Opportunity

* To Make a Difference in Your World

*  Send Your Spiritual Message into the Future

*  Transfer your Values

*  Teach Spiritual Truths

*  Share Family Stories

*  Build Self Esteem in Loved Ones

*  Teach Lessons from Your Life Experiences--triumphs and failures

*  Influence others

*  Share God's Presence in Your Life 

One of the greatest gifts you can give to your loved ones is Your Spiritual Legacy through Your Faithbook.

Your Faithbook will be an Expression of Your Love for God and your Family. Scrapbooking Your Faith today will become tomorrow's Spiritual Heirloom.  It will be a Cherished Reminder of Your Life and Your Faith.

Take action now! The Bible states:  "If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done."  Ecclesiastes 11:4 (NLT)   

Since feeling overwhelmed is a common characteristic for newbies to Faithbooking, Scrapbook Your Christian Faith is a Basic EASY book.  It is designed for the beginner to Faithbooking. (It may be boring for advanced scrapbookers because basic concepts are taught--not advanced techniques.)    

Scrapbook Your Christian Faith is designed to help you save time and money and help you share your message of Faith with your loved ones.

 Now if You're Ready to Grab Your Loved ones by the Heart and You want to have some Spiritual Influence on your child/grandchild, Then Get Ready to Scrapbook Your Spiritual Legacy

Faithbooking is the Perfect Expression of Your Love for Your Family.

Record some of your life's most treasured moments for your family and those who will follow you.    

                                                   ... If You Don't Who Will?

Click here now to buy your e-book,


 Don't wait another day.  Do it NOW!

Blessings in Your Faithbook Journey!
Donna Riner Weber

P.S. You have nothing to risk with our 60 day guarantee.  Someone in your family or someone you may never meet may need You to show them The Way!

P.P.S.  You never know when it will be Your Last Chance to give the people You Love that special message.  Start today--give them the Best Love Letter you'll ever create.

Fill Today with Scriptures, Pictures, Prayers and Stories of Faith So that Tomorrow Our Future Generations Will See Hope.