Open my eyes to see wonderful things in your Word. Psalm 119:18 (TLB)

Our Free Gift for You:  Bible Reading Record 

Where can you find messages especially for YOU and stories to inspire YOU?  You know those kind that reach right in and grab you in the heart!  The kind that makes you say "I don't ever remember reading that before."  Yet there it is right there in black and white just when you need it the most.  And of course as Christians we know-- it's the Bible!

Years ago my husband and I began daily reading our Bible together.  It was after a Christian radio station DJ, who visited our church, gave out Bible Reading Records.   This simple little paper tool helped us to stay on track as we read our Bible.

We know without a doubt that God has blessed us immeasurably and I know in my heart that part of it has been because of us reading our Bible.

Has our life been perfect?  No, far from it!  We have had many trials and tribulations--like most people.  However, we could/can feel the comfort of God during the times when we lost parents, shared in the difficulties our children were experiencing, and daily live with my chronic illness and pain.

Passing It Forward

Now, Brian and I would like to pass forward this same type of tool to you.  Don't worry It's FREE! As a matter of fact make as many copies as you'd like...and tell your friends to come here to and download a copy.  When you sign up to get your free Bible Reading Record you'll also receive your free Faithbook Bits and Pieces e-zine.  It is designed to give you tips and techniques on a monthly basis.

After you download your copy of the Bible Reading Record, print it out and stick it in your Bible. Each time you finish a chapter, take your pen and mark it off. Before you begin, fill in your name and date. See how long it takes you to finish.  It's not a race--just do it at your own speed.  As the days roll by, it's interesting to see how much you've read.  (Note:  Your Bible Reading Record will last better if you print it on cardstock.)

And please let me know if this helps you like it has helped Brian and me.

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Do you have something in your heart you'd like to share? About reading your Bible? Faithbooking?  Prayer?  Or even a question?   I’d love to hear from you.

I Am Praying for You!


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