Donna's Story

Have you ever thought about your life changing over night?  Or maybe something caused your life to change. That's what happened to Donna.

It began one crisp, cool Friday afternoon in September.  Donna flipped off the lights in her classroom.  She thanked God for the week, her students and for the upcoming weekend.  She didn't know that she had just taught her last class!

Living with a Chronic Lung Disease

Living with chronic lung diseases caused Donna to live a life of doctors’ appointments, medicines and hospital visits.

But that day, Donna felt miserable but thought a little rest and some antibiotics would get her back into the swing of things. However, instead of getting a bottle of antibiotics, her doctor immediately put her into the hospital.  After a couple of weeks her doctor referred her to the National Jewish Hospital in Denver because of their international reputation in treating respiratory problems.

Donna and her husband Brian flew cross country to Denver. While the hospital performed evaluations and procedures, they also provided classes to help the couple learn how to live with Donna's daily pain and lifelong illnesses.

Upon the completion of their time at NJH, the hospital gave them a binder of information.  Within the information there was an article entitled "Prepare to Die."

"Prepare to Die"

That was one of those defining moments in her life.  As a Christian, Donna knew she was prepared to die.  She knew Jesus Christ as her Savior.  She knew that one day she'd be going to HEAVEN when He calls her home.  But she wasn't ready to die.  Her heart ached and her stomach was in knots and she cried at the thoughts of leaving her family.

Donna and Brian returned home to Augusta, GA.  As suggested, they set out to get their wills and affairs in order.  They were determined to live life in a way where they do not take each other or time on earth for granted.  They wanted to make the most of the gift of time God gave to them.

Donna had to quit teaching and face a new kind of life.

God has Plans for You--but What Are They?

"For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord.  They are plans for good and not for evil to give you a future and a hope." Jer. 29:11 (TLB)   For years this verse had been Donna's favorite.

She believes that God has special plans for everyone.  As she and Brian traveled, Donna frequently wrote the scripture on little cards and left them for waitresses.  

After Donna and Brian returned from NJH, Brian kept travel scheduled for them.  They are both determined to cherish each other and each day God gives to them.  Donna wants to share the wonders of God's creation and His Amazing Presence with their loved ones and those who will follow them through her writing and Faithbook.The photo was taken in Mexico.

Meet Donna​

She'd also leave them for other strangers. Once she wrote it in a little booklet and gave it to a young military guy on an airplane.  He promptly thanked her and stuck it up into his hat as he exited the plane.

But now Donna was confused and frustrated.  She could no longer work.  Day after day she cried "But God what is your plan for me?"

She didn't know what God's plan was for her at that time but she did know it wasn't to lie around on the sofa and wait to die.

Faithbooking--The Beginning

As Donna prayed about God's plan for her, she began to feel that God wanted her to write stories--special stories of how God had been faithful and present in her life and the lives of her family.

She became interested in scrapbooking.  After making her first few pages, Donna realized something was missing on her layouts--God's presence.  Donna wanted God's fingerprints in her life to be reflected in her scrapbook.  That's when she began to integrate her Faith with her scrapbook and thereby started her own "Faithbook."

At that time, she tried to find a book to help her learn how to scrapbook her faith but she couldn't find what she needed.  Still she felt deep in her heart that God wanted her to leave a spiritual message for her son and future generations in her family.

Donna continued her search for a beginners guide even after she started teaching faithbooking.  While there were hundreds of books written on the techniques of scrapbooking, at that time, she couldn't find one for Christians who were beginners in Faithbooking.

Scrapbook Your Christian Faith--The Beginners Guide to Scrapbooking Your Spiritual Legacy was born!

Donna wrote the guide book she needed. Scrapbook Your Christian Faith was written to help the Christian, who is new to scrapbooking, leave her spiritual legacy to the people she loves today and to those whom she may never meet.

At the time, Donna didn't understand why illness changed her life and she could not continue teaching.  However, she had a peace and excitement that God had a different job for her to do.

God swapped her middle school classroom for an opportunity for her to teach others around the world (via the internet) how important it is for them to tell their stories, share their special scriptures, pray their prayers and show God's presence in their lives, for their loved ones and future generations.

So that's how Donna became interested in Faithbooking. Now share with us what led to your interest in Faithbooking?  Send us your answer on the "Contact Us" page.  We'd love to hear from you. (Don't worry a sentence or two, a paragraph or two or a page will be fine.)

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